The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is easily one of the most scenic places on Earth. By Oregon law, all ocean-front proptery in the state is public land. 

Within minutes from Tarry by the Sea, there are innumerable scenic, historical (and shopping!) attractions for you to explore. Click on the pictures below for more specific information. 

Of course, there's historic Astoria—a world-class seaport just a few miles to the north, named for John Jacob Astor. Rich with restaurants, fresh seafood, galleries, shops and many attractions, Astoria is easily one of the most valuable jewels of Oregon's Pacific Coast. Here you can watch ocean-going vessels as they make the transition from ocean to river on their way to—and from—the major Pacific seaport of Portland

At the time of his death, John Jacob Astor was the most wealthy man in America, and the town that now bears his name is rich with history and wonderful attractions. 

You won't want to miss the Astoria Column, affording astounding views of the Columbia River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean. 

Of course, just a few minutes south of Tarry lies Seaside. This will be your go-to place, your nearby home at the beach. Seaside is a wonderful city full of shops, restaurants, arcades and beautiful beaches. If you stay at Tarry, you won't want to miss this close-by, beautiful town. 

A few minutes south of Seaside, Cannon Beach is a not-to-be-missed day trip. Delightful shops, iconic Haystack Rock, and much more! 


Day Trips from Tarry

Beyond these very-close venues there is much, much more! 

Tillamook is just an hour or so to the south. Home of world-famous Tillamook cheese (and other dairy products), you'll definitely want to visit the Tillamook Cheese Visitor's Center, and sample some of the delicious dairy products they offer! 

Farther south lies Lincoln City, a fantastic seaside town that offers wonderful shops (including a huge outlet mall), as well as the Chinook Winds Casino

Getting back to the North environs, you could easily spend a day driving up to the wonderful beaches of Washington's Long Beach

And of course, as noted above, the beautiful world-class city of Portland is just a few hours inland! 

The Oregon Coast... one of the most beautiful places in the world! 




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