Cannon Beach

If there is one Oregon Coast town that exemplifies not only cozy charm, but also the draw of iconic beauty, that town is Cannon Beach. It's kind of a one-street town, and that's largely where its charm lies. 

On both sides of this street, there are shops, galleries, bakeries, bookstores and restaurants—all of them awating your arrival! You could easily spend a day here, meandering through the many shops and galleries, licking up ice cream cones, sipping coffee & tea, splurging on hand-crafted pizza, dining on delicious seafood, exploring the nuances of local beers.... 

Cannon Beach is quaint, yet boldly beautiful. You'll of course want to take a walk on the beach and explore iconic Haystack Rock. Maybe you'll rent a trike too! Take a horse ride right on the beach! 

Like live, local theater? Check out Cannon Beach's Coaster Theater! If you're into art, don't miss the many galleries in town

And saving the best link for last: Be sure to check out Cannon Beach's website



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